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  • New bill further protects school zones from sexual predators
    It is important to point out that, nowhere in the U.S. have we seen a reported sexual crime, of a person within a protected place, by a registered sex offender who lives within the proscribed distance to the protected place. These allegations are a mind game played by Lawmakers without any support or evidence of any kind. 1-25-2015 West Virginia: PRINCETON — A new bill passed unanimously by the

  • Legislature briefs: Sex offenders, guns, tanning beds
    Raises a que of jurisdiction; can the state reopen a sentence and add further punishment which this would be?1-25-2015 Mississippi: Status: ‘sex offender’ Rep. Tom Miles, D-Forest, has authored a bill that would require sex offenders to label themselves thus on social media, such as Facebook. HB 296 says that on any networking website where users have profiles, a convicted sex offender “shall

  • Lack of suitable housing leaves hundreds of freed inmates in Illinois' prisons
    1-25-2015 Illinois: State prison officials hold close to 1,250 inmates beyond their release dates every year — not because they pose a threat to the public but because they cannot find a place to live that parole officers find suitable, according to court papers and interviews. ..Source..

  • New Oklahoma Bills affecting state sex offenders
    Someday I'd love to be able to do this for all states, but today not possible. Reading and interpreting bills takes time. 1-24-2015 Oklahoma: It appears there are 29 new bills affecting something to do with sex offenses and or offenders, of those 6 (six) are problematic. They are:HB 1057 Prisons and reformatories; requiring payment of fee under certain circumstances; (This bill permits charging

  • Lawmakers ask: How good does sex registry need to be?
    1-25-2015 Vermont: MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — Vermont lawmakers are grappling with how close to perfect the state's sex offender registry needs to be before offenders' addresses are posted online. Vermont in 2009 passed a law saying the registry had to have a clean audit from the state auditor of accounts before addresses could be posted. A 2010 audit found many errors; a follow-up audit last July