Sex Offender Research and News

  • Plaquemines placing sex offender signs on lawns for Halloween
    This story needs to be told. This is insanity supported by the Police who folks are supposed to believe will never lie to the public. The police are fully aware of the truth re: Sex offender research and Halloween; here we see them telling the public untruths so how can the public feel safe under those hired to protect and serve; police? ACLU where are you?10-30-2014 Louisiana: NEW ORLEANS --

  • Sex offenders to spend Halloween in mandatory meeting
    10-20-2014 Louisiana: For the seventh year in a row, the Leesville District Probation and Parole Office will be holding a mandatory meeting on Friday, Oct. 31, for all convicted sex offenders residing in the areas of Vernon and Beauregard Parishes. The event will be held at the West Louisiana Forestry Festival building, located at 276 H.M. Stevenson Blvd. in Leesville from 4:30 p.m. until 8:30

  • Are Sex Offenders Unfairly Persecuted on Halloween?
    10-30-2014 National: On Halloween night, Andrew will celebrate the holiday the way most married fathers do: He and his wife will go trick-or-treating with their two kids, who are nine and 12; maybe afterward, they’ll head to their church to finish off the night with games and snacks. But Andrew’s family isn’t like other families, because Andrew is a registered sex offender. Sex offenders are

  • Three Ways Parents are Ruining Halloween
    10-29-2014 National: Facts don't stop fear. Happy Halloween! It's that time of year when your neighbors are secretly unwrapping candy, brushing lollipops with poison, and inserting razor blades into Snickers bars! Actually, while it may be a holiday tradition view your neighbors as psychopaths who patiently wait for the one day of the year to kill the local kids, in fact no child has ever

  • Mom of Spartanburg teen killed trick-or-treating asks for caution this Halloween
    10-30-2014 South Carolina: SPARTANBURG, SC (FOX Carolina) - Erica Fields, 17, was hit by a car while collecting candy with her younger brother on Halloween in 2013. Her mother Kalani Fields said she never wants any parent to go through what she did the night her daughter died. Fields said Erica and her brother were with a larger group near Fernwood Drive when a car came towards them. Fields