Sex Offender Research and News

  • Sex offenders to spend Halloween in mandatory meeting
    10-20-2014 Louisiana: For the seventh year in a row, the Leesville District Probation and Parole Office will be holding a mandatory meeting on Friday, Oct. 31, for all convicted sex offenders residing in the areas of Vernon and Beauregard Parishes. The event will be held at the West Louisiana Forestry Festival building, located at 276 H.M. Stevenson Blvd. in Leesville from 4:30 p.m.

  • Operation Safe Scare In Sebastian County
    10-16-2014 Arkansas: FORT SMITH (KFSM) – We are just days away from ghosts and goblins, and alls things scary roaming the streets and looking for treats. But to make sure your kids stay safe, deputies with the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office are hitting the pavement Wednesday (Oct.15) looking for real monsters. Sixteen teams of deputies will be out on the streets checking where sex

  • Amendment 2 asks whether child sex defendants' past acts can be used against them at trial
    The real question here is, treating sex crimes differently than other crimes, when there is no proof or research that any specific crime type, has a higher rate of unprosecuted crimes than any other crime type? A BELIEF is not proof of the truth of the statement! 10-19-2014 Missouri: In August, the Missouri Supreme Court swept away one of the last vestiges of a centuries-old legal doctrine that

  • Lawmaker fighting for sex offender records
    Is this Lawmaker for real? Someone get him a dictionary so he can lookup "Group Home" and "Developmental Disability." How do these people get elected? UPDATE 10-17: Kearns gets some documents related to sex offender queries "More than 300 pages of documents have been emailed to a state assemblyman fighting for information about why convicted sex offenders are being housed in a West Seneca

  • Confidential List of Sex Offenders Tracked by Maryland State Investigators
    Two facts are important here: 1) It is not a secret list, instead the list is of folks on parole or probation, that state agency is required to know who they supervise, hence their working list. 2) It is a misstatement to say these folks are a "Higher Risk" to the community. These folks are finishing their sentence and that does not mean they are a higher risk to the community. All of these